Morcor Computers 2000 Ltd. Privacy Policy


  1. Morcor Computers Commitment to Privacy
    At Morcor Computers, we are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our Customers and our web site visitors. For that reason we have taken, and will continue to take, measures that protect the privacy of personal information held by us.
    This Privacy Statement provides you with details regarding: (1) why we collect personal information; (2) what we do with that information; (3) the steps that we take to ensure that access to that information is secure; (4) how you can access personal information pertaining to you; and (5) who you should contact if you have questions and concerns about our policies or practices.
    Since we regularly review our policies and practices, your comments are always welcome. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time. We will alert you that changes have been made by indicating at the top of the Privacy Statement the date that it was last updated. We encourage you to review our Privacy Statement to make sure that you understand how information that you provide will be used.
  2. What is Personal Information?
    Personal information means information that would allow a specific individual or information that can be directly associated with an individual. Personal information does not include aggregate information from which individual identities have been removed.
  3. When we collect Personal Information
    We do not automatically gather any personal information from you, except when it is provided to us voluntarily in-store or by Internet visitors, or customers with their consent. Internet visitors can visit the public sections of our website without revealing any personal information. Morcor Computers does reserve the right, however, to collect and perform statistical analysis of the internet traffic of the Morcor website for its internal use. However, information collected does not allow Morcor to identify any individual or any personal information of the visitor.
  4. How we use Personal Information
    As part of our business operations, we hold and use certain personal information pertaining to our Customers in order to process your requests, provide you with warranty services and to understand your needs so that we can serve you better. Generally, we need to use your personal information for the following purposes:
    a. To confirm your purchase status on an order for you to receive it in a timely manner.
    b. If you ask us to, forwarding your inquiries to a third party manufacturer when resolving a warranty issue.
    c. To keep track of purchases made; in respect to warranty services, and direct inquiries
    d. To meet regulatory or contractual requirements relating to the services and products provided to you
  5. How long do we hold Personal Information?
    Personal information is retained on a long term basis for the purpose set out above. When no longer required, we will destroy, erase or de-personalize the information. Legal requirements may necessitate our retaining some or all of the personal information we hold for a period of time that is longer than we might otherwise hold it.To make the site visitor's experience on our website easier, Morcor Computers uses per-session "cookies" (session identifiers) to track the state of the visitor session. This "cookie" is destroyed when your session with our website is over.
  6. Accuracy
    To ensure that the personal information you provided is accurate, complete and up to date, we urge you to provide us with updates regarding such information and to inform us of any errors affecting the personal information that we hold.
  7. Security Measures
    We will continue to keep in place security measures in an effort to protect the personal information held by us from unauthorized use, access, disclosure, distribution, loss or alteration. Access to personal information will be restricted to Morcor Employees who require the information in order to perform their duties properly. In addition, access will be limited to only that information that is strictly necessary for the performance of those duties.
  8. Accessing Personal Information
    Our customers are entitled to access the personal information held by us concerning them. You can access your personal information by making a written request to us. WE will generally respond to your request for information within thirty days, unless, for reasons beyond our control, a longer response time is necessary, in which case, you will be advised accordingly.
  9. Complaint Process
    If you are not completely satisfied with or wish to submit comments concerning this Privacy Statement or its application by us, we invite you to convey your concerns or suggestions either in writing to: Morcor Computers 2000 Ltd. 20 Hartzel Rd., Centennial Plaza, St.Catharines, Ontario, L2P-1M3; or via e-mail to: We will reply as quickly as possible and inform you of the steps, if any, that have been or will be taken in order to address the concern or implement the suggestion

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10 x ASRock N3150-iTX Mainboard
10 x ASRock Q1900-iTX Mainboard
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14 x Acer E5-511-C33D Notebook
12 x Acer ES1-511-C66N Notebook
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12 x Acer ES1-512-C35P Notebook
12 x Acer E5-551G-T430 Nootebook
12 x Acer E5-551-T7TP Notebook
10 x Acer E5-521-85EX Notebook
12 x Acer E5-521-6582 Notebook
12 x Acer E5-521-66SN Notebook
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9 x Acer V5-473P-5886 Touchscreen Notebook
9 x Acer V5-473P-5887 Touchscreen Notebook
9 x Acer V5-473P-5602 Notebook
9 x Acer V3-472P-35FZ Touchscreen Notebook
11 x Acer E1-472-6440 Notebook
11 x Acer E5-471P-39BF Notebook
11 x Acer E5-411-P6A9 Notebook - Black
11 x Acer E5-411-P85G Notebook - White
11 x Acer E5-411-P9VF Notebook - Blue
11 x Acer E5-411-P14N Notebook - Green
11 x Acer E1-432-4675 Notebook
11 x Acer E1-432P-4821 Touch Screen Notebook
11 x Acer E1-432P-P457 Touch Screen Notebook
13 x Acer E5-511-C21D Notebook
8 x Acer E5-771G-54UR Notebook
8 x Acer E5-771G-50JP Notebook
8 x Acer E5-721-80EE Notebook
8 x Acer E5-721-47M5 Notebook
11 x Acer E5-571P-3789 Touchscreen Notebook
11 x Acer E5-571-53HX Notebook
11 x Acer E5-571-33UR Notebook
11 x Acer E5-511P-P8BA Touchscreen Notebook
11 x Acer E5-511P-P2LP Touchscreen Notebook
11 x Acer E5-511P-C5PY Touchscreen Notebook
11 x Acer E5-511-P7AC Notebook
11 x Acer E5-511-P2D6 Notebook
8 x Acer VN7-791G-77HR Gaming Notebook
7 x Acer V3-572PG-56CY Touchscreen Notebook
8 x Acer V3-371-59YR Ultra Thin Book
8 x ASRock Q1900DC-iTX Mainboard
8 x Acer V3-112P-C1AQ Touchscreen Netbook
8 x Acer V3-111P-C0T9 Netbook
7 x GATEWAY 10.1" LT41P02H Touchscreen Netbook
8 x Acer V5-123-3496 Netbook
6 x Acer VN7-591G-787J Gaming Notebook
7 x Acer V3-572-78R3 Notebook
7 x Acer V3-572P-54CF Touchscreen Notebook
7 x AMD Athlon 5150 Quad Core 1.6 Ghz CPU - AM1
7 x AMD Athlon 5350 Quad Core 2.0 Ghz CPU - AM1
7 x AMD Sempron X2 2650 1.30 Ghz CPU
7 x AMD Sempron X4 3850 1.45 Ghz CPU
6 x AMD A4-6300 X2 3.7 Ghz - FM2
6 x AMD A4-7300 X2 3.4/3.8 Ghz
6 x AMD A6-5400K X2 3.2 Ghz CPU
6 x Gateway NE511-C5ZU Notebook
6 x Gateway NE51003H Notebook
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